Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

Cervical cancer is considered a disease of inequity of access to healthcare. 

The high occurrence of cervical cancer and related deaths in India is attributed to poor screening, low awareness, social inequality, stigma, and poverty. Cervical cancer awareness in the Indian community has been alarmingly low over the years despite the country having a high disease burden.

Most people are not aware of the fact that it is preventable with timely vaccination and screening protocols.

Given FPA India's focus, and reach across 18 states and 40 branches, FPA India is best suited to engage with communities for the prevention of cervical cancer. 

FPA India will focus on prevention strategies -promotion of  HPV vaccination among adolescents and screening of women for cervical cancer along with treatment of precancerous lesions. In case of diagnosis, FPA India will have a strong referral and follow up strategy for treatment. 

In association with the TATA Mumbai Marathon, FPA India plans to raise 1 crore for the campaign 'RACE TO ERASE CERVICAL CANCER' . Through this campaign, FPA India will address with 20,000 women and girls and aim to implement a 5 pronged intervention:

  • awareness of cervical cancer
  • prevention through HPV vaccine
  • screening for cervical cancer
  • treatment of precancerous lesions
  • referral for cancer treatment if diagnosed.