Tata Mumbai Marathon, 2023

What is Tata Mumbai Marathon

The Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM) is one of the world's most prestigious marathon events. For the past 17 years, it has not only been a platform to test an individual's sporting excellence but also one of the biggest fundraising platforms for participating NGOs with one of the lowest fundraising costs in Asia. Since its inception, the event has raised more than INR 317 crores benefiting 641 NGOs. The funds have supported causes ranging from arts, culture, sports, education, environment, health, human rights, and many others, making the platform cause agnostic. The 2020 edition raised IN 45.95 crores, shattering all previous records.

How is FPA India linked with Tata Mumbai Marathon

Our endeavour is to garner stakeholder support for sustaining our strategic initiatives. To this end, FPA India has been participating in the Mumbai Marathon since 2017, in partnership with Corporate Houses, Individual Donors, Fundraisers, Charity Runners & Celebrities. As you are aware, the Tata Mumbai Marathon sees thousands of runners, hundreds of celebrities and over 1 lakh spectators and attendees. It is widely covered in the media with an array of owned and earned media assets.

FPAI has an excellent track record of leveraging the Tata Mumbai Marathon to raise support for deserving causes. FPA India would be participating in the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023, to leverage this high visibility platform yet again to support the cause of enabling and empowering young people.



FPAI participated for the first time in SCMM in its 2017 edition and launched its campaign #RUN4FP, qualified in multiple categories and won second prize for the Motivational Zone too. With participation from over 11 branches of FPAI, buzz on social media, a celebrity runner in Tom Alter and support from south sports superstar and actress Ashwini Nachappa. Needless to say, the #RUN4FP campaign was a huge success in its first year.


Courtesy of our stellar performance in 2017, we were among the top 12 of 300+ NGOs in the country participating in TATA Mumbai Marathon 2018. This year we saw our support from corporate teams increase to three corporates and also a trio of international sportspeople who supported FPAI; Aman Balgu – international table tennis star, Arundhati Pantawne & Riya Pillai, both international badminton players.


We were among the Top 2 NGOs overall in the prestigious Privilege Rankings. We not only got corporate team supporters and pan-India support from over 20 cities, but ALSO had a slew of celebrities voicing their support for FPAI. The 2019 Run4FP campaign got encouragement and support from Ayushman Khurrana, Sania Malhotra and also from Kartik Aryan who came down on Race Day to support our entire contingent!


Family Planning Association of India (FPA India), in its 4th stint at the TMM 2020, raised funds for the “Let’s Get Girls Back to School” campaign as successfully done in the TMM 2018. The third edition of the Family Planning League (FPL 3.0) was organised by FPA India where collective efforts by each member of the Association (staff/ volunteer) resulted in support from 1000+ donors, 30+ fundraisers, 28 charity bib runners and 2 corporate partners, Larsen & Toubro and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited with a contingent of 75 and 25 runners respectively


With adolescents comprising 21% of the total population, India is home to the largest adolescent population in the world. According to the National Family Health Survey 2019-2020, (NFHS 5), districts with a high proportion of the young population are lagging behind on many indicators (e.g., child marriage, teenage pregnancy, contraceptive use, maternal health). Wide-ranging issues such as nutritional deficiencies, reproductive health problems, sexually transmitted infections, and mental and physical stress-related problems are faced by this age group. About 43% of girls drop out before completing secondary education due to the onset of puberty, household responsibilities, early marriage, child labor, distance to school, and/or lack of sanitation facilities at the school.

Providing adolescents and young people with life skills, making youth-friendly health services accessible to them, and giving them the agency to fight for their rights can be the pathway to their empowerment. They can be #unstoppable, if we work together to create a safe and enabling environment around them, to help them fulfill their aspirations.

Your donation will help us to implement community-based health, education, and skilling programmes for supporting these aspirational young girls and boys to be #unstoppable!


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